A Blessing for All Nations - leaders' notes

Read Psalm 67, noting the result of God blessing his people and the reasons they have to praise him.

The psalm celebrates God's goodness to his people, particularly as it is seen at harvest time when the blessing is obvious to all. The psalm is structured so that verses 1-2 mirror verses 6-7; verse 3 mirrors verse 5 and verse 4 is highlighted as the focus of the psalm.

67:1-2 - The psalmist pronounces the Aaronic blessing from Numbers 6:24-26. This is a prayer that God would be gracious to his people (treat them better than they deserve to be treated) and that he would bless them. To be blessed in the Bible is to enjoy life in all its fullness. This is only possible when we are in a right relationship with our creator and understand all of life in relation to him. The psalmist's reason for asking for this blessing is given in verse 2 - that God's ways and this salvation will be made known throughout the world.

67: 3,5 - The psalmist's desire is that people from every nation wwould come to know and worship the true God.

67:4 - God is worthy of worship because he is a just ruler. It's a joy to serve and submit to the gracious king who blesses his people.

67: 6-7 - God's blessing in this psalm is seen in the harvest, an annual reminder of God's goodness, the purpose of which is to invite people from all nations to fear (revere or stand in awe of) the Lord.

The ultimate goal of the psalmist's plea for God to bless his people is that people from all nations will come to know and fear the Lord. The blessing of God's people is not an end in itself but the means by which others become part of the people of God. God's people are blessed by him so that they might become the conduit of blessing for those who do not yet know him.


  • What is the reason for praising God in this psalm - his blessing or his rule? Waht is the purpose of his blessing?
  • Think about the various ways in which God has blessed you materially, emotionally and spiritually. How have you used these blessings to make God known to others?
  • Give thanks for the many blessings you have received. Pray that God would help you to think creatively about how these can be used to bring others to know God's rescue plan in Jesus.