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Refugee Ministry Fund - Toiletries for a refugee family

The Refugee Ministry Fund provides practical help to refugees and internally displaced people throughout the Middle East, predominantly in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. As the refugee population has become more settled, the needs are changing and so less money is spent on relief and more on education for children, community development and relational support. Our partners in the Middle East maintain a strong gospel focus, seeking every opportunity to share the good news of Jesus and build disciple-making friendships.


Scholarships, Ghana - Support a family for one day

The Good News Bible Church partners with SIM Ghana to reach thousands of people who still live and die without hearing or understanding the gospel. But how can a church reach out when they lack strong leadership? The Scholarship project has 13 young men waiting to attend Bible school to better equip themselves for God’s call on their lives to be pastors. At present funds are insufficient to support those already in school.

A gift of £5 would provide the support needed for a family for one day.


Quechua Radio - Bible based magazine in Quechua for a child

Mosoj Chaski produces Bible based radio programs for all ages which are broadcast eight hours a day to rural Quechua people who live in isolated communities in the Andean mountains. During seventeen years of ministry many lives have been touched. People have come to faith in Christ, they have been built up in their faith, encouraged to persevere in their faith, and have been given the skills and recourses to study the Bible themselves through the literature that this project produces.


Church Planting - First visit to a village to share the gospel

Since this project was established God has opened the door to allow a number of house churches to be established in remote Hindu communities. Through the project, monthly training is provided for house-church leaders where ministry and discipleship is modelled. As the church strengthens and discipleship deepens, the project leaders long to see these house churches carrying the Lord’s gospel of love and grace to neighbouring communities and beyond. 

A gift of £7 will pay for a visit to a village to share the good news of Jesus for the first time.


Lumeji Training Centre - A book, pen and journal for a student

The training center at Lumeji river encourages young men and women to learn metalwork and agricultural skills to prepare themselves for future employment. Taught by mission workers, this project provides the opportunity to build relationship and share testimonies with young people who otherwise may never hear the good news. The skills learnt are used to help farmers in rural areas to improve their crop yield.

A gift of £5 will provide a student with a book, pen and a journal to help them as they study.


Youth Vocational Training - Materials for one day's training

Working hand in hand with the local church, the youth vocational training project helps young men in south Asia who are uneducated and unemployed learn a trade in either tailoring or mechanics. They also receive Bible teaching and an education in reading, writing and mathematics.  Many come from a nominal Christian background and each year several come to faith and are baptised. Some graduates have gone on to take the gospel back to their villages, becoming house-church leaders, while supporting themselves with their new-found business skills.


Mukinge Medicine Project - Help 10 mothers safely give birth

Mukinge Mission Hospital is currently experiencing a drug shortage, forcing the pharmacy to ration medicines and leaving patients without proper medications. This is a major issue for a hospital that provides care to approximately 1,000 inpatients and 2,000 outpatients every month. The hospital has a limited amount of funding which is insufficient to purchase the drugs required. The drugs shortage significantly affects the quality of care that Mukinge Mission Hospital can provide to its patients.


two:nineteen - pack of cards

two:nineteen provide training and resources to help churches and individuals effectively reach out to the growing multi-cultural communities around them.

Colloquy is a pack of cards designed to promote English language learning in a fun way. This gift will provide a classroom assistant or international team member with an interactive way to start conversations and activities with any international regardless of their language level.



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