Join us on July 14 to find out how you can make disciples

Join us to find out how you can make disciples

If you long to make disciples of Christ in places where he is least-known, then this is the conference for you!

Serving In Mission UK has teamed up with UFM to host a free one-day conference, entitled Make Disciples By All Means, at All Nations College, Ware, on July 14, 2018. It is open to anyone.

Click HERE to view the flier, which has all the details.

Speakers include SIM UK Director Steve Smith, UFM director Michael Prest, Fi McLachlan of the Christian Medical Fellowship, Ben S from Mission Through Business, Jill Ireland from Sports Friends and Paul Chatfield, who is involved in student ministry.

The central focus of the day will be on making disciples in places where Christ is least-known. How can I use my gifts and skills to reach out where there is no gospel witness? Why focus on communities where Christ is least-known? What does it mean in practice to follow Paul’s example of being flexible on everything but the gospel?

In the morning, there will be separate seminar streams on how and where there are open opportunities to make disciples through sport, through medicine, through student ministry and through business. It’s about getting to work locally and being sent globally.

After lunch (which can be provided at a cost of £5), there will be four consecutive Ted-type talks, each lasting just 15 minutes and given by different speakers. The first is entitled 'Get on with making disciples where you are'; the second is 'The church sends the missionary', the third is ‘Make a plan to develop in cross-cultural service?' and the fourth is ‘The next step is the important step’.

The day is intended to give you a solid Biblical basis for mission as well as helpful practical advice about how you might take the next step. There will be plenty of people on hand who are on the way to serve overseas, as well as people you can connect with to explore options further.

Why not come along with members of your church and walk together along the path into global mission service? 

For more information or to reserve a place, please email Karen Ghosh (