Praise God for a unity conference in South Sudan

Praise God for a unity conference in South Sudan

There are many challenges to gospel work in South Sudan but the Lord truly is moving in this place and we are witnessing some awesome things in these uncertain days.

After the unrest and violence of December, the inter-tribal tensions in this area were the highest they've ever been. No one trusted anyone and everyone stuck to their patch of land for months, not even venturing to the markets outside their local areas.

The church was the first to make a move. Before we had even returned, there three reconciliation services held between the Mabaan and Uduk Churches. Shortly after we returned, a community level, multi-tribal committee, including some key church members, was formed to move towards peace.

In June, our Sudan Interior Church brothers hosted the first of what will hopefully be many unity conferences. Mabaan, Uduk, Jumjum, Nuba, and Ingessena believers were all invited in the hope of working towards unity and fellowship, actively trying to combat the fear trying to eat this region from the inside out.

The picture above is of that initial conference. There were seminars on Love, Peacemaking, Unity, being a people Chosen by God, and Jesus' prayer in John 17. There were some tense moments, but there were times of sweet unity as the Holy Spirit was at work in his people.

Only the Lord can bring his people together in the face of such attempts by the enemy to divide. The enemy has not succeeded and nor will he! What a mighty God we serve.

This article was written by a Serving In Mission worker who is in South Sudan.