'People of prayer' and 'Dependent on God' – those are two of Serving In Mission’s core values and we are hugely thankful for all your prayers. See below for seven days' worth of prayer. If you would like to become a prayer partner for a particular missionary click here. To sign up for our regular weekly prayer update click here or fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

19 Mar
Pray for remote believers in west Africa

Praise God for the completion of a study guide to accompany Christian radio broadcasts in west Africa. Please pray for remote believers as they use this guide to help them understand God’s word. As they delve deeper, pray they have the confidence and conviction to share with others.

20 Mar
Pray for our mobilisation team

Give thanks for our mission mobilisers who work with enquirers, applicants, churches and mission workers across the country. Pray for a good time of fellowship and learning this week as they meet as a team at Wetheringsett Manor.

21 Mar
Pray for a family in Peru

The Marx family in Peru are making good progress in their language studies. Please pray for God’s clear guidance on where he would best use their gifts and skills as they visit different theological training centres and ministries over the next few weeks.

22 Mar
Pray for church leaders in Zimbabwe

Pray for students and church leaders in Zimbabwe who are struggling with finance and resource issues, but long to train to equip themselves well to lead the church.

23 Mar
Pray for a family in Asia

Pray for energy and perseverance for a family in Asia as they continue with their language studies and serve the community. Pray for good times of rest and feeding in the scriptures too.

24 Mar
Pray for Iraqui refugees

A group of Iraqui refugees are thirsty to learn more about God's word. Pray as they progress in knowledge and understanding, that they will come to know the Lord as their saviour, healer and place of refuge.

25 Mar
Pray for Trudy, SIM Ghana's treasurer

Trudy Brown (SIM Ghana’s treasurer) is due to have a hip operation on Tuesday. Please pray that the operation goes well and that Trudy will make a full recovery.