'People of prayer' and 'Dependent on God' – those are two of Serving In Mission’s core values and we are hugely thankful for all your prayers. See below for seven days' worth of prayer. If you would like to become a prayer partner for a particular missionary click here. To sign up for our regular weekly prayer update click here or fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

11 Oct
Pray with Martin and Silke as they disciple new believers

Praise God for three children from an orphanage that accepted Christ as their personal saviour whilst at camp in Zimbabwe. Pray with Martin and Silke as they help these children and a college student grow in their new faith.

12 Oct
Give thanks for the work with refugee children

Give thanks for the work going on, in the Middle East, in a child friendly settings, where refugee children are loved, taught, cared for and helped to recover from the traumas of displacement and loss.

13 Oct
Pray for Emily as she shares her faith in Ethiopia

Pray for Emily, teaching science and A-Level chemistry at Bingham Academy, Ethiopia, that she will be able to develop relationships with the students and become more confident in sharing about God and her own faith with them.

14 Oct
Pray for workers take the gospel to refugees and migrants

Give thanks to the Lord for mobilising his people. Pray for more workers to go and take the gospel to refugees and migrants in Europe and the Middle East.

15 Oct
Pray for the Arabic sounds pronunciation book revisions

Pray for those working on revising the Arabic sounds pronunciation book. The revisions will help cross-cultural workers present the gospel message in language that is as close as possible to that used by those whose first language is Arabic.

16 Oct
Pray for Verena presenting at the pastors’ bookset conference in Mozambique

Pray for Verena as she finalises preparations for her presentation at the pastors’ bookset conference in Mozambique on Saturday (October 20). Pray too for those who attend the conference, that they would be challenged as to how they can better reach their communities with the gospel.

17 Oct
Pray for the Sports Friends camp in Thailand this week

Pray for the leaders of the Sports Friends camp taking place in Thailand this week, that as they share their faith and walk with the young people they will see much fruit!