Pray for our Ingessana brothers

Pray for our Ingessana brothers

The Christian believers from the Ingessana tribe of South Sudan need your prayers.

Sadly, they were unable to attend the recent unity conference, hosted by the Sudan Interior Church in the wake of recent violence.

They tried to come but their camps are at a considerable distance from the main church in Bunj where the conference was held. Given the tensions at the time, it would have been unwise to walk and their transport didn't work out. As many are new believers, fear may also have played a part.

A few days after the conference, the SIC chairman, our two Mabaan regional chairmen, a few pastors and myself, travelled to visit our Ingessena brothers and join them in Sunday worship. We took greetings to them from those at the Unity gathering, and the Mabaan church leaders assured them of their support and unity with them.

No matter what has transpired, or what is yet to transpire between the tribes in our area, the people of God stand as family, together. In any way they could they want to stand with them, they said.

But we saw how few Ingessana believers were gathered, knowing the persecution they've suffered in the past months has made attendance difficult for many. 

One young man stood up and told how his in-laws were taking him to court in an attempt to get approval for their daughter to divorce him. As devout Muslims, his in-laws believe his faith in Jesus is grounds for divorce and the removal of his children. Many others face similar challenges.

I was misty-eyed as they asked not for their challenges to be removed, but for the strength to stand firm in the midst of them. As the photo above shows, we prayed for that every thing. These are days where the only and the highest thing to do is pray.

This article was written by a Serving In Mission worker in South Sudan