Book now for our 2018 trauma healing training

Book now for our 2018 trauma healing training

How do people recover from trauma? Can the Bible help? What can the church do?

Around the world, Serving In Mission workers and others have been finding the 'Healing the Wounds of Trauma' course a great help in answering these questions. The course brings together Biblical principles and mental health care principles in trauma healing.

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The material was developed in central Africa in response to communities devastated by war. It is now used globally. The American Bible Society have set up the Trauma Healing Institute (THI) to steward the materials and share them with the church through the training of trainers. The THI have a Christian psychiatrist, psychologist and Scripture engagement specialist on their advisory board. who together seek to maintain the integrity of the materials on an appropriate Biblical and professional basis. You can read more on their website, where you will also find the lesson titles.)

Serving In Mission UK are running this trauma healing training in 2018 and applications for places are now open. SIM International’s Global Trauma Healing Coordinator Stacey Conard will be leading the training along with Thaddeus Gichanga, our East Africa trauma healing coordinator. 

Who can be helped by the Healing the Wounds of Trauma material?
SIM missionaries and their churches have used this material with Sudanese refugees, Liberian communities ravaged by the ebola virus and civil war, survivors of the Nepali earthquake, US military families, local people in north Africa and many others. The beauty of the course is not just its whole-person gospel basis but also its ability to be contextualised through the stories in the sessions. 

These materials are used by many other partners too. Watch this video of Dileeni Abraham from Colombo Theological Seminary in Sri Lanka discussing why it's important to use both mental health care principles and Biblical principles in trauma healing

Who can come to the training?
We’re looking for people who can see an immediate application for this material within their church or ministry life, and who are willing to be trained to train others. 

After the first week’s training, people will be certified as facilitators and able to run their own healing group, delivering five core sessions. After the second week’s training, people are able to run an ‘equipping session’ (with the support of a more experienced trainer) to train others (click here for full training pathway). We only have 36 places available, so priority will be given to those who plan to use the materials in gospel ministry and are willing to train others.

What are the dates and where will it be?
Part One: May 14-18, 2018 at Sizewell Hall, Suffolk, IP16 4TX
Part Two: November 12-16, 2018 at Sizewell Hall, Suffolk, IP16 4TX

How much does it cost?
The Trauma Healing Institute is providing our facilitators, so keeping participants’ costs to a minimum. The total fee is £620 per person. The fee for Part One is £410 per person, which includes four nights’ accommodation, full board, training materials and £100 deposit towards November’s training. The £410 is payable once your application has been accepted. The balance for November will be £210 (payable in October, 2018) which will also include four nights’ accommodation, full board and training materials.

Click here to apply for the 2018 SIM trauma healing training

Tim Allan