Could you share the gospel by using your business skills?

Could you share the gospel by using your business skills?

From a travel agency in the Himalayas to a language centre in north Africa, there are any number of opportunities to set up a gospel mission business.

Serving In Mission is working hard to find and help gospel-hearted business people think about how they could move into the mission field.

That might mean setting up their own business in a place where direct evangelism is difficult, or perhaps working alongside existing Christian businesses.

Our colleagues in the East Asia office have pulled together just three examples of mission businesses which are operating now, along with details of the mission workers behind them.

Will you follow their examples and use the gifts, skills and training God has blessed you with to take the gospel to people who will otherwise live and die without hearing it? If you're interested in finding out more please email our Communications Manager Tim Allan (

Tour company

Jimmy runs a company that organises tours and treks in the Himalayan mountains. This not only supplements his family’s living expenses, but also allows him to do evangelism and even run a house church.

However, competition from many other travel agencies is intense, particularly during the two short high season windows of March to May and September to November.

To make ends meet, Jimmy also uses his company’s van for ad hoc travel and transport requests. All of these take place under the ever-present threat of state persecution, with security agencies routinely arresting pastors and closing down house churches.

This has also made it harder for house churches to find venues for their gatherings as landlords are unwilling to be associated with them.

Yet Jimmy continues to give thanks for the souls that are being won for the Father’s sake.

Language centre

Mel runs English courses for students of all abilities.

This allows her to build relationships with the students and their families, as well as with other local people, giving her opportunities to share her faith with them.

The environment she serves in is fraught with danger, requiring her to undergo security training where she learns how to respond to situations such as car-jacking, hostage-taking and civil unrest.

Thankfully, her host country has been spared the attacks carried out by religious extremists that have afflicted its neighbours.

Etiquette consultancy company

Desmond and Estelle operate a successful etiquette advisory centre in an East Asian country.

The business offers courses on corporate and social etiquette, enabling them to reach many socially mobile individuals.

At the same time, Desmond and Estelle also run a counselling ministry in partnership with a local church.

The business operates from a base outside their home, giving them a degree of security and peace of mind as they serve.

For each of these brothers and sisters, running a mission business gives them an officially-recognised means to cross barriers to proclaim the crucified and living Christ, expressing His love and compassion among those who live and die without Him. In so doing, they testify to others the Christian way of doing business.

Interested in finding out more? Please email our Communications Manager Tim Allan (

Tim Allan