Join our Silk Road nomad vision trip

Join our Silk Road nomad vision trip

We’re putting together a fantastic vision trip for anyone interested in learning about gospel mission among nomadic peoples — and you can be part of it.

This amazing overland truck venture will take you along part of the Silk Road, travelling from Iran to Kyrgyzstan and back next summer. 

The outward journey goes through the Zagros mountains and runs from June 1, 2017 to July 5. The return route is via Tajikistan and Tehran and runs from July 11 to August 14. You can choose to go on the whole trip or on either leg.

You’ll be accompanied by mission workers with great experience of working with nomads,  who will pass on their knowledge as you travel.

You will encounter several nomadic people groups and get a good understanding of how they live and what the challenges for church growth among them are.

This is intended to be very much a vision trip, to give you a taste of what mission among nomads might look like for you. Ideally, we’re looking for adventurous-minded singles or couples, with a mature relationship with Jesus and some cross-cultural experience. 

While the trip is through Asia, it would also be useful for anyone thinking of serving nomadic peoples anywhere in the world. It would, for example, be a great orientation for anyone interested in working with nomads in the Sahel or China. 

The trip is being set up by a group of organisations, including Serving In Mission, which work with nomads across the world. It is being run by Bath-based tour operator Oasis Overland, a long-established company  who will provide all the expertise and logistics to support a five-week road trip across five countries.

The cost is still being finalised but is likely to be around £4,000 a head. 

Places are extremely limited so if you’re interested, please contact Serving In Mission mobiliser Peter Matheson ( as soon as possible.

Tim Allan ( December 14, 2016