Annual Report 2011-12

Serving in Mission in the UK is about mobilising people and churches for mission. We pray about it. We work for that goal. And a key outcome we look for is a growing number of workers serving with us. So we were delighted to see the number of long-term missionaries increase during 2012, despite the deepest recession seen in a lifetime.

In 2012 SIM’s total income reduced by 11%, of which nearly 8% was attributable to a fall in legacy income. Donations for the support of missionaries and their ministries remained almost unchanged. At the end of the financial year, all of our serving missionaries were fully supported. However the recession has affected donations towards the work undertaken in SIM projects around the world. Project income fell by 14%.
Of more concern was the fall in donations towards the running costs of the mission. This was down by nearly 7%, highlighting a wider, and understandable, trend in giving. Donors relate more strongly to individuals than to organisations. Yet organisational functions remain vital to the work of mobilising, equipping and enabling the people God calls to declare the gospel and make disciples.
To a large extent, Serving in Mission’s expenditure reflects our income. The reduction in legacy income and project donations resulted in a reduction of £285,000 being allocated to projects. The lower levels of income to sustain the work in the UK in 2012 mean that investment in mobilisation effort has been reduced in 2013.
We are again thankful to the Lord for His provision during 2012. We continue to mobilise people to fulfil the Great Commission, confident that when God guides, He provides.