Annual Report 2015

Serving In Mission longs for the whole of humanity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and we need workers to make that happen.

The number of SIM UK long-term missionaries was similar to the previous financial year at 96, with 44 short-term associates. They served in 30 countries, and were supported by individuals, churches and trusts.

Our total income was £3,354,000. Of that, 95 per cent came from donations by individuals, churches and trusts; two per cent from legacies; and three per cent from interest, dividends, rent etc.

We spent £1,779,000 on providing housing, living costs, medical care, pensions, insurance and education for our missionaries and their families. A large proportion of that came from their own supporters and churches. We pray this will continue, and we praise God for his provision for their needs.

The SIM UK community also helped many projects around the world and was very generous in supporting emergency relief. This was especially true during the Ebola crisis in Liberia, where our missionaries were at the forefront of the battle. The total sent to projects and disaster relief was £869,000, 25 per cent of our total expenditure.  

We spent £200,000 on our regional mobilisers, who play a vital role in recruiting, mentoring and supporting new missionaries. We are convinced this is the best strategy for sending out more gospel workers.

They are being funded by a generous legacy, which we received in 2009. That money is running out so a key focus of our work for this year is to seek more donations so we can keep six mobilisers covering the whole of the UK.

For the full audited accounts please contact the office or visit SIM International (UK) in the Charity Commission website.

James Niblett, Finance & Stewardship Director

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