Children and Youth

University Ministry

Have you ever thought about studying abroad? Are you interested in building relationships and investing in the lives of an unreached people group? Then consider coming to South Asia, learning the language and sharing your life with university students. Throughout your studies you will meet many interested and open minded people among the students.

Although you may find some aspects of the environment challenging, you will find a very hospitable and friendly people that are very curious about the lives of foreigners.

Children's Worker or Lecturer for Children's Work

Are you gifted in children's work? Did you know there is a place for you in missions?
SIM Namibia with NETS (Namibian Theological Seminary) would like to recruit a children's worker to teach at the seminary about 5-10% of the time and spend the rest in churches and para-church organizations training children's workers. Namibia has a high percentage of children but very few people who know how to work with them.

Outreach and Discipleship to Youth

Do you enjoy young people? Would you like to base your life's work on ministering to them? Almost half of Guinea's population is under the age of 14, so reaching out to children is strategic. You would focus mainly on the age group 12-18.
You would help establish and direct activities that assist the youth and allow for relationships to be developed. We envision a tutoring and activities program. Tutoring with their school work and providing sports activities would give an evangelistic and discipleship opportunity.

Tigray - Eritrean Refugee Youth Outreach

Do you enjoy working with youth? Do you have a passion to give them hope in Jesus?
As a Refugee Youth Worker, you have an exciting opportunity to use your creativity to make relationships with and disciple youth in the Me'eyne refugee camp. Seventy-five to ninety percent are young males below the age of 25, with little to occupy their time in constructive means. It is a dangerous situation for the few females and minors present. Most are hoping to one day move to a Western country but are ill prepared with skills that will help them.

University Student Ministry

This is a great opportunity for someone who loves being around youth and living an example of Christ. You will work at different universities in conjunction with the local chapters of GBU (InterVarsity) reaching students who are not Christians, as well as working with young Christians in discipling and leadership development.
You will also form groups and help them to grow in their faith, organize events at the universities, work in camps in the summer, visit different universities all over the country, and empower the work of GBU.


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