Children and Youth

Educational Assistance--Tutoring

Use your love and desire to work with children to impact the lives of school children in the Cotahuasi Canyon. Most of the area's secondary school youth come to the main village of Cotahuasi in order to attend classes. Poor quality public education continues to be a burden on the community. Remedial tutoring and general help with homework can answer an urgent need of the community and open doors for evangelism.

Children's Ministries

If you love children and children's ministries, this one is for you! During this year as an intern in Uruguay, many ministry options are available, including partnering with Children Evangelism Fellowship, Radio Norte Christian daycare, and several local churches in their Sunday school and children's programs. A possibility also exists of teaching English or German in a private school, either as a teacher or a conversational tutor.

Youth and University Ministries

If you enjoy the stimulation of interaction with young people, this internship is right up your alley! You would work with high school and university students in established ministries, such as International Christian Fellowship, Campus Crusade for Christ, and Youth for Christ. You would build mentoring relationships with youth in local churches and organize outreach, fellowship, and evangelism events. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to grow in your own faith, make Jesus known, and to learn interactive skills.

Rural Youth Worker

Would you like to help meet the number one ministry need according to the local believers? If you have a gift in relating to youth, love fun and organizing activities for groups, then you can minister to the teens of Loja Province.

Sports Friends Trainer

Are you interested in reaching youth with the gospel? Are you interested in sports ministry? That is the perfect combination for this job!
By ministering with Sports Friends in Niger, you will have a key role in training coaches to reach youth through sports ministry in local churches.

Team for MK Vacation Bible School

Would you like to be a memorable part of missionary kids' spiritual growth? Each year the missionaries meet for their Spiritual Life Conference. For the children on the team, this is often a highlight of their year as they get together with Christian friends. We want a program for them that equips them to live for Christ here in Peru. You could have more impact on these kids than you realize!

Orphans and Street Children Ministry

In Nigeria SIM still has a significant role in outreach and in leadership training as well as many other ministries. We work closely with our partner church. You can get involved in the urban ministry to the needy. Gidan Bege (House of Hope) offers opportunity to care for beggars (women and children), teach and play sports with former street kids (boys and girls), provide helping services for the handicapped, HIV/AIDS visitation, and just about anything else you can think of.

Retreat Program for Missionary Kids

Make a kid's week! It will impact you in ways you never dreamed! While missionary parents seek spiritual refreshment, you get to provide their children with a program that will build into them as well. Through Bible teaching, music, crafts, drama, or other creative activities, encourage them in their walk with Jesus. Your influence will impact them for the future.


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