Community Education

Teacher, Teacher's Aide, or Staff for a Girls' School

Talita, a training center for girls in Nikki was started a number of years ago to provide spiritual training and a basic level of education for adolescent Bariba village girls (ages 15-20) who have had very little or no formal schooling. This school has a Beninois teacher for the academic subjects; this position for someone with teaching or training qualifications would involve assisting with the needs of the school according to your training, abilities, and taste.

ESL Teacher

Are you a native English speaker? This already gives you amazing opportunities for getting the gospel story to people who have never heard it before!

Math and ESL and Physical Education Volunteer Teacher

Are you a teacher looking for a ministry opportunity? We have just the thing for you!
Namibia has so many youth and very few role models. Youth and children need help because so many homes are without parental help. Assisting at a school within the community on a grassroots level has a great impact for eternity on the lives of the children and youth.
Local schools are pleading for volunteers from our mission organization. What a great opportunity!

English Teachers for World Impact

Are you trained in TESL, TEFL, or TESOL? How would you like to use your skills to impact the world? Here is a perfect opportunity!
In this position, you will help train new mission candidates to learn English, enabling them to become long term missionaries. By teaching English to church leaders and youth, you will promote and encourage more Ecuadorians to accept the call of missions. Part of your role will be teaching English to classes and individual students, and part will be mentoring and discipling mission candidates.


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