Community Education

English Teacher

Are you an English teacher with a longing to use your gifts in a cross-cultural setting? We have the perfect opportunity for you!
We need English teachers for nursery to class 9 or 10 in a small, local Christian school. You would also help to train the national teachers, both informally and through workshops and summer training programmes. Would you be willing to go?

Physical Education Teacher

Have you ever thought of using your Physical Education degree to teach cross-culturally? Imagine the influence you would have!
We need PE teachers for a local Christian school with classes from nursery-grade 9. You would also have the responsibility of training national teachers informally and through summer workshops. In addition, you may have the opportunity for outreach to children and youth through sports ministry. Are you ready?

Teachers for Thailand

Are you an experienced English Teacher and have a heart to reach Thai Buddhists in SE Asia? We have great teaching opportunities to offer you.
Many schools across Thailand are looking for native English speaking teachers to work in their schools. They will offer salaries and housing, too. Contact us today about this opportunity to influence Thailand for the gospel!

Trainer of Nigerian Teachers

Have you ever considered using your teaching gifts to help teachers hone their own skills? What about using your skills to help former street children? You now have a wonderful opportunity!
City Ministries of EMS of ECWA (CME) has developed Care Centers to house, disciple, and educate orphans and former street kids. At some centers, formal schooling is provided by Nigerian teaching staff committed to seeing these formerly cast-off kids reach their potential. At other centers, Nigerian teachers supplement what the children learn at local schools.

SIM Education, Specialty Positions

Are you a a special needs teacher looking for ministry? We can help!
With 50% of the population of Niger being under the age of 14, and the literacy rate at 30%, SIM Niger has targeted the training of Christian teachers as being essential to our ministry. If you are an experienced Middle school teacher you will be able to share your expertise with Nigerien teachers.

Arsi Oromo - Langano School Education Consultant

Have you ever wondered how you could make a difference in the lives of young people? If you have a teaching background, this is a golden opportunity for you!
Here in Ethiopia, we need you to direct the operation of an elementary school serving a rural community. The position includes supporting and mentoring Ethiopian teachers; carrying out administrative functions, including budgeting, fundraising, and government reporting; and developing a computer lab and library while providing instruction in these areas.

ESL Teacher, ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro

This position provides an ESL teacher the opportunity to serve God in sharing ECWA's (our partner church) and SIM's shared vision of glorifying God through training leaders, evangelism and discipleship. Kagoro is a small but beautiful town at the foothills of the Jos Plateau. ECWA Theological Seminary Kagoro is one of SIM's oldest schools that is now ECWA but SIM missionaries still are welcomed and have active teaching and administrative responsibilities. Until recently it was Kagoro Bible College.


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