Community Education

ESL Teacher for Widows--City Ministries ECWA/EMS

Widows in Nigeria are many and often neglected without needed skills or means to provide for themselves and their children.
This position provides an ESL teacher the opportunity to be used by God in sharing ECWA's and SIM's shared vision of glorifying God through evangelism and discipleship and giving widows a better chance to care for their needs and better able to make a positive contribution to their society.

Computer Skills Trainer

How are you with computers? Would you be willing to set up and run a training programme for people wanting to learn computer skills? Many people here in Mozambique are interested in learning how to use computers.
Through relationships you develop in this way, you could create opportunities for evangelism and discipleship. Imagine combining something you love with something you love even more!

Tigray - Mekelle Youth Center Computer Instructor

Do you have a passion to build relationships with young people and encourage them in their walk with God? Are you a team player with computer skills and experience? Do you love to learn about new cultures and relate to others in a culturally sensitive way? If so, the Mekelle Youth Center is just the place for you!
The Mekelle Youth Center gives impoverished youth hope and opportunity through computer training, sports and recreation opportunites, HIV/AIDS education, English teaching, and many other practical and life-affirming skills in a loving and positive environment.

Tigray - Mekelle Youth Center ESL Instructor

The work at Mekelle Youth Center has at its core ministering to children, youth, and young adults with an emphasis on making and mentoring disciples. We look at the whole person, giving useful and practical skills and opportunities, such as sports and recreation, which are a huge draw and outlet for kids who have very few wholesome options in Mekelle. Using your skills in teaching English, you can build relationships inside and outside the Youth Center, leading to a unique and effective ministry in this Orthodox context - a stated priority of SIM Ethiopia.

Salam Training Center Technical Advisor

Do you have expertise and experience in a technical field? Would you be interested in advising the development of curriculum and ensuring that the program makes use of up-to-date information and technology? Then consider coming to work as an advisor to the Salam Training Center.
An increase in relevant technical and vocational training is seen as a strategic need by the current government.
Through your work at STC and the relationships built there you will be able to share your beliefs and values.

University Professors and Teachers

You have a wonderful opportunity to develop personal relationships with students and other staff in order to share your life and faith. You can use your professional skills and training on the university level to impact the lives of Mongolians by working with faculty and staff on student projects, research, competitions, and/or experimentation, in addition to classroom lectures.

Teacher Educator, SIM Education

Have you had training in Education? Would you like to use it in ministry? This could be critical to the future of Niger! General education is a strategic objective in our goal of equipping the national church. Christian teachers trained to teach from a Christian worldview are needed! Come to help open a Christian Teacher Training College.


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