Development and Relief

Community Development Coordinator

Are you looking for a challenging ministry to an indigenous people group? You can use your practical skill or your professional training to open doors for the Gospel in isolated communities. You would seriously impact improvement to people's living conditions while building relationships within the community. As you create an environment in which the Good News of Jesus Christ can be shared, you would encourage, support, and disciple local believers.
Is God urging you into this unique opportunity?

Community Development Worker for Fulani

If you know community development techniques such as farming and health, this is a wonderful opportunity to transfer your God-given skills into church planting! So what is the connection?
Doing community development in this thirsty desert land gives you a foundation for making friendships and identifying potential local believers. Imagine the impact you could have in this part of the world by letting God use your special skills!

Project Advisor or Social Worker/Counselor for Women & Children at risk

Would you like to impact lives in ways beyond your wildest dreams? You could use your degree in social work, international development, or a similar field in programme that ministers to the needs of some of the most neglected women and children in one of South Aisa's megacities. The project aims to meet the holistic needs of the women and children through a variety of interventions. This position requires a person who is able to work alongside the existing team of local staff, providing encouragement, mentoring, advice, and support as needed.

Community, Relief, and Development Specialists

Do you have a yearning to help poor people develop their communities, thereby helping themselves? You could work with the local church and community to investigate and/or design and manage new community development projects. You would help locate and secure capital, equipment, people, and resources as necessary. There could also be opportunities to teach classes on project management or development in local colleges and seminars to community/church groups.

Water Engineers for Safe Drinking Water in Rebuilding South Sudan: Church and Nation

Do you have any training or experience in water development? Here is an opportunity for you to work alongside field missionaries, community people, and church leaders, educating them in practical installations for clean water and maintenance of water systems (chemical treatment, borehole repair, maintenance, etc.).
In the process, you would disciple the workers in the water project so they can grow in their knowledge of Jesus and strengthen their walk with Him. You could coordinate with the local pastors to help with evangelism.

Arsenic Poisoning Prevention Programme

Do you want to serve people holisticly? This urban third world country has the worst case of arsenic poisoning in the world. Seventy percent of the population drink arsenic-contaminated water.
Our Arsenic Poisonic Prevention Program is designed to assist and alleviate people at risk through awareness raising, tube-well water testing, arsenic removal filter distribution, and a patient management program. Building meaningful relationships with the beneficiaries is also a key focus of our holistic program.

Agricultural Consultant

Here is a unique opportunity to convey God's love through a community development program in agriculture. Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world, and is renowned for frequent famines, rapid population growth, and low life expectancy. In this arid land, Sowing Seeds of Change in the Sahel (SSCS) seeks to change hearts, minds, and ultimately behavior. Our goal is to alleviate needless suffering and hunger by being a beacon of hope, not only for this life, but also for the life to come.


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