Literacy and Translation

Literacy Specialist

Would you like to make a positive difference in the lives of children? Lilyvale School, a ministry of Lily of the Valley Children's Village, has opportunities for people who want to minister the love of Christ to orphaned and vulnerable children. The position of Literacy Specialist is an opportunity to impact the lives of young people for Christ in the classroom setting and in the children's village. Apply your experience as a literacy teacher where it will have a huge impact and change lives both now and for eternity.

Literacy Worker

Do you have a passion for youth and for teaching? Over half of Niger's population is under 18. Many are illiterate but eager to learn to read to get ahead. If you love youth and teaching, God can use you in a ministry of literacy as a means to evangelism and discipleship.

Literacy Trainer

The adult literacy rate in South Sudan is one of the lowest in the world. You can help to rebuild this shattered society by training people from different language groups to write and produce literacy materials. We see literacy training as a vital part of our overall goals in South Sudan, and it is a wonderful entry strategy into the community for anyone with a heart for discipleship.

Literacy Teacher Trainer--Menongue Bible Institute

If you have been trained in literacy, you could contribute significantly to the growth of the church in parts of southern Angola by teaching some of the students at Menongue Bible Institute (MBI) the skills of literacy teaching. You would design and develop an appropriate literacy programme in the local language and also teach literacy in the local community. This would be a tremendous contribution to the growth of the Angolan church!

Hilary and Marc Deneufchâtel, Simon, Benjy and Eve

Hilary and Marc Deneufchâtel (with Simon, Benjy and Eve) have been serving in Benin since 2009 where they have been working in church development amongst the Monkolé people. They are heavily involved in translating the Bible into the local language.

Hilary and Marc consider it a privilege to be a part of this work and find joy in ‘seeing both Christians and non-Christians having access to God's Word in their own language.

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