Short Term Assignment/Internship

CSEA Administrative Assistant

Southeast Asia represents 9% of the world's total population. Of this slice of the pie, only a tiny sliver of the population has heard and responded to the Good News of Jesus. SIM is committed to going to the people of Southeast Asia who have not yet heard about Jesus.
SIM's regional office in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is an administrative services centre for SIM's Southeast Asian countries. SIM C-SEA office provides financial, personnel, projects management, and media services to SIM members working in these countries.

Botswana Linguistics Internship

Linguistics majors or interns, particularly those considering translation, are you ready for this?! This is a fabulous opportunity for hands-on involvement in the !Xoon Bible translation project. !Xoon is one of the San (Bushman) tongues of the Kalahari region, notable for its exotic click consonants and huge range of phonemes. You will have the rare and exciting opportunity to observe and take part in a safe but rugged and undeveloped location. This is particularly suitable for fulfilling internship demands in your course of study.


Are you serious about missionary involvement, but still need to finish university or professional training, pay off loans, or fulfill other requirements to become a long-term missionary? An internship program can give you exposure to missions, provide cultural orientation, and teach you about ministry, contributing to your preparation for missions. You would work directly with a more experienced missionary in a mentoring relationship and be involved daily with the missionaries in their tasks.

Technical Internship

Has God gifted you with technical skills? Are you interested in pursuing them as an intern? We have a perfect opportunity for you!
Come prepared to learn as you assist in community development projects along with three long-term engineers. Specific projects will be tailored to your experience and the needs of the mission.

Communications Internship

You will help organize, document, and accurately and thoroughly communicate in creative ways all that God is doing in Malawi. This could be done through journalism, photojournalism, video, website development, and other forms of media, working alongside the field leadership, project managers, and missionaries to learn and gather information. You will travel to various parts of Malawi seeing firsthand what the ministries are about and translating this information creatively for distribution.


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