Technical Services

Street Children Ministry IT Trainer and Coordinator

Have you ever thought about using your God-given skills in IT in ministry? Here is a great opportunity!
About 45% of the population of Nigeria is under the age of 15. Some of these are street kids and orphans have been thrown out of their homes, run away from abusive situations, or perhaps orphaned due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. They have had traumatic and difficult backgrounds and are scattered across northern and central Nigeria.

IT Technician for AERC

Has God gifted you with computer and technical skills? Have you ever wished you could use those skills in ministry? We have an opportunity for you!
Our partner organisation, Asia Education Resource Consortium (AERC), supports mission families in Asia through providing educational resources, especially for those home schooling. SIM Thailand is looking for an experienced IT technician to work with AERC. Please contact SIM Thailand personnel if interested.

Church Planting Support

The Yawo people of Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania are a predominantly M* people group numbering 2.5 million. They are largely unreached with just a few believers. We have missionaries on the "front lines" in rural areas doing church planting.
Your role would be to assist them with practical issues, maintain local administration, run local guest houses, and assist and care for Associate missionaries. Would God be calling you to this ministry of support?

Consultant to Maintenance Manager

Has God gifted you in areas of construction and maintenance? Did you know that these are valuable qualities in missions? At the ECWA hospital in Egbe, Nigeria, good infrastructure was once in place and working well. After many years of deterioration, we would like to see it rise again to a high standard and witness to the community.


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