Theological Education

Bible School Teachers

What a tremendous impact you personally can have on the lives of millions of Nigerians. Through training their pastors, teachers, and missionaries, and through developing a youth work programme, you will have an immediate effect on your students and, through them, on ordinary Christians right across Northern Nigeria.

Addis - Seminary (ETC/EGST) Instructor

Teaching and training church leaders is one of our top priorities, and here you will have a chance to be involved in a strategic programme which has an impact in Ethiopia and far beyond. You would teach in the areas of biblical studies and theology, although occasionally you may be asked to teach courses in other fields (e.g., homiletics, missions) at the Evangelical Theological College and take on some other routine responsibilities of a faculty member, including committee work, student advising, speaking in chapel and in community churches as the opportunity presents itself, etc.

Matthew and Karen Reilly

Matthew and Karen are going to Blantyre, Malawi. Matthew has a background in banking which he left to begin his career in Theology. Karen has a background in community education and will be using her skills in Blantyre in community development. Matthew & Karen are sent by Niddrie Community Church, Edinburgh.

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Geoff and Rosaliene Donaldson and Lisanne

Geoff and Rosaliene are serving in Zimbabwe, where Geoff is involved in discipleship and leadership training and Rosaliene is a community development worker. Sent by Hope Church, Hillsborough, they long to share their gospel heart with people who have never heard of Jesus and with those who have recently made a commitment to Christ.

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Please pray

  • For the wisdom in where best to invest time

Jim and Megan Patterson

Jim and Megan served abroad for many years but are now based in Scotland. Jim makes frequent trips back to Benin, where he is involved in training pastors, while Megan in Serving In Mission's point person for international ministry. She too is a frequent visitor to Benin. They are sent and supported by Christ Church, Edinburgh.

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Please pray:

  • For safety in their travels to and from Benin

Paul and Hilary Gunning

Paul and Hilary are serving in Windhoek, where Paul teaches at Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary and Hilary teaches at a local school whenever she gets the opportunity. They have four children, Peter, Caitlin,Calum and Ella and are sent by Gilcomston South Church in Aberdeen.

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Please pray:

  • That Paul and Hilary will continue to trust God and his plans for their future

Mano Emmanuel

Mano is a lecturer in theology at Colombo Theological College, Sri Lanka. Sent and supported by St Mary's Church, Watford, Mano is also exploring the possibility of setting up a Serving In Mission office in Sri Lanka. She has recently written a paper on the book of Philemon, using it to explore the possibility of reconciliation after the recent conflicts in Sri Lanka.

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David and Debbie Colvin

David and Debbie are full-time lecturers at the ECWA Seminary in Kagoro, Nigeria. David has recently been teaching a course on advanced church history, while Debbie is heavily involved on the board of ACTS (Africa Christian Textbooks). They are sent and supported by Ballynahinch Congregational Church and both are passionate about equipping the next generation of pastors with the tools to preach the gospel effectively.

Megumi and Helen Fazakerley

Megumi and Helen Fazakerley have served in Malawi since 1993. Helen mentors and disciples other missionaries, whilst Megumi is involved in Bible school teaching. Both Helen and Megumi are passionate about their calling, following in the footsteps of their Saviour. Megumi says: "Near the end of his earthly ministry, on the road to Emmaus, Jesus 'opened the Scriptures' as the two disciples experience their hearts burn and they eyes open (Luke 24:13-34). He did that to me, and I want to help others to experience the same."


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