Gifts — £10 to £24

#HowWillTheyHear - 100 prayer guides

Ten Christian mission organisations, spearheaded by Serving In Mission, are working together through the #HowWillTheyHear campaign for refugee and migrant ministry in Europe. The purpose is to mobilise prayer and people to share the gospel, and to provide Bibles in diaspora languages to projects and churches. A gift of £20 will cover the cost of a hundred prayer guides,


Refugee Ministry Fund - Essential household items

The Refugee Ministry Fund provides practical help to refugees and internally displaced people throughout the Middle East, predominantly in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. As the refugee population has become more settled, the needs are changing and so less money is spent on relief and more on education for children, community development and relational support. Our partners in the Middle East maintain a strong gospel focus, seeking every opportunity to share the good news of Jesus and build disciple-making friendships.


Church Planting - Travel to disciple two house-church leaders

Since this project was established God has opened the door to allow a number of house churches to be established in remote Hindu communities. Through the project, monthly training is provided for house-church leaders where ministry and discipleship is modelled. As the church strengthens and discipleship deepens, the project leaders long to see these house churches carrying the Lord’s gospel of love and grace to neighbouring communities and beyond. 

A gift of £15 will pay for travel to disciple two house-church leaders.



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