Gifts — £25 to £49

Sports Friends - Camper Scholarship

Sports Friends reaches out using the universal language of sport. Through this powerful platform, coaches are able to build relationships with young people and over time share the love of God with them. Not only will these young people experience all of the joy that goes along with camp—sports, games, crafts, swimming, dramas, singing, and teaching about Christ's love—but they will also be mentored, nurtured, and discipled by their coaches when they return home to their communities.


Educate for Life - Two weeks salary

Allied Model School offers a high standard of education up to age 16, to children of mixed faith backgrounds, especially those from poorer families. In addition to formal study, children learn valuable life skills in a Christian environment. The goal is that they grow up wanting to please God, becoming upright and useful members of society. A gift of £35 would pay the salary of a teacher for two weeks.

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