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Please note that Alternative Christmas Gifts are now closed. Normal, year-round, gifts are still available and will be delivered in 2017. Thank you for all your amazing support through Alternative Christmas Gifts in 2016.

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Fulani radio

Fulani Radio - One MicroSD filled with Bible teaching


Fulani Radio aims to reach the Western Fulani of West Africa with the gospel. Read more

Faith through Sport - Bible


Sports Friends reaches out using the universal language of sport. Through this powerful platform, coaches are able to build relationships with young people, and over time share the love of... Read more
Investing in People

Theological Education - Day's fees


École Biblique Duroowo Lobbo​ EBDL (Bible school of the Good Shepherd) is the only Fulani speaking Bible school in Burkina Faso. It trains Fulani believers to reach and disciple other Fulani... Read more
Allied Model School

Educate for Life - Month's fee


Allied Model School offers a high standard of education up to age 16, to children of mixed faith backgrounds, especially those from poorer families. In addition to formal study, children... Read more

Church Planting - First visit to a village to share the gospel


Since this project was established God has opened the door to allow a number of house churches to be established in remote Hindu communities. Through the project, monthly training is... Read more

Faith through Sport - Ball


Sports Friends reaches out using the universal language of sport. Through this powerful platform, coaches are able to build relationships with young people and over time share the love of God... Read more
Redlight Greenlight

Redlight Greenlight - Medical care


Redlight Greenlight runs an aftercare home for teenage girls rescued from sex trafficking in India. After rescue by police, the girls are sent by government Social Services to the Redlight... Read more

English Language Ministries - 10 lessons for a morning student


English Language Ministries (ELM) is the Serving In Mission project which provides opportunity for the Bridge school in Ethiopia to impact the lives of their students with the gospel.  ELM... Read more

Quechua Radio - 10 minutes of air time


Mosoj Chaski produces Bible based radio programs for all ages which are broadcast eight hours a day to rural Quechua people who live in isolated communities in the Andean mountains. During... Read more