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Here is an exciting opportunity for a church planter! Would that be you?
The province of Loja is located in the southern part of the Ecuadorian Andes. Great efforts have been made to plant the gospel in most parts; however, the most difficult stronghold to overcome is the worship of the local "Virgin of Cisne," the statue that has gained followers even outside the country of Ecuador. Thus efforts must be continued to slowly educate against this deeply rooted belief among the different classes of people in this province.
The work will be supported by a team of believers from the Christian Center Lamb of God, which is aligned with the association "Jesus is Lord." You will be working with new believers in planting a church in marginal neighborhoods in the city of Loja and in certain areas of the province, such as the village of Canguraca, San Lucas, Celica, and El Naranjo, etc.

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South America


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