Church Planter, Optometrist, Opthamologist

If you are an optometrist or opthamologist looking for an opportunity to put your faith into practice through your medical skills, God can use you in rural Paraguay!
SIM Paraguay is looking for optometrists or opthamologists who have a passion for the gospel and are looking for ways to minister to human need through an integrated health evangelism ministry. Rural areas are the last frontier of pioneer church planting in Paraguay. Sadly, many communities still have no gospel witness. Those that do still register with less than 1-2% evangelicals. The need for eye-care in the rural areas is great, as well. People have virtually no access to an optometrist or opthamologist. Even reading glasses are not available in the rural areas, much less glasses for other eye problems.
SIM Paraguay is passionate about sharing the gospel, discipling believers, and planting churches in rural, Guarani speaking areas. We envision optometrist or opthamologist missionaries working alongside other church planting missionaries or other medical professionals spreading God's Word through an integrated ministry to human needs and spiritual needs. Opportunities abound for the eye professional's active involvement in a wide range of ministries, including evangelism, discipling youth or adults, teaching and training and preaching, depending on interests and gifts. Potential opportunities for eye care ministry could include volunteering in local health clinics, training local doctors, equipping a vehicle for use as a mobile eye clinic, establishing a stationary Christian eye clinic, working alongside
medical professionals in medical evangelism outreaches to outlying communities, or any combination of the above.
If you've had a dream to practice optometry or opthamology your way, Paraguay is the place for you! Be creative. Try something that's never been done before!

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