Church Planting Team Leader

Are you gifted in administration, leadership, and discipleship? Are you very self-motivated? It would be of great benefit in assembling an effective team to also be able to discern the spiritual gifts of others to.
As the church planting leader, you will form a multi-cultural team to plant a church in an unreached area of Peru. The newly formed team will begin meeting, training, and planning for the church plant. The team leader will use this time to disciple, guide, and mentor the team in learning the skills necessary to plant a church, lead a church, and learn to live and work well together. The team leader should model discipleship and shepherding while living with this team.
A lead pastor for the church plant should be identified during this time, and after the training and preparation is complete (perhaps a year or more as needed), the team will plant the church in a remote area of Peru. In the last phase, you will need to change to a supporting role, empowering the Peruvian leaders to direct the church.

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South America


More than 2 years




Evangelism/Church Growth

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