Community Educator (Animal Husbandry) Evangelist

A great spiritual need is evident among the Wolof here in Senegal. Most Wolof villages have no Christians, and the vast majority of the people have never read any of the Bible.
In 2011 we attempted a small in-kind micro-loan project in one village. The villagers were keen to participate and formed a willing committee. We purchased 11 sheep. Unfortunately, within a few months, sickness had killed all but four of them. Our team has also dabbled in raising chickens and rabbits at different times because we see great potential for this kind of project to benefit the people of this community in both additional income and food. However, those of us here do not have any education or training for success.
Our SIM team has been working in villages around Kaffrine since 2002, and we have many wide open doors for ministry. Now we are praying for a Community Educator evangelist to bring some expertise and experience with animals and to research future possibilities. He would offer training and start a project to help local villagers, whether by doing an in-kind livestock micro-loan, teaching people how to raise rabbits or chickens, or some other animal-related project.
In addition to doing this animal husbandry ministry, the Community Educator evangelist will also share the stories of God's Word and live as a witness to Jesus in this place where He is not yet known.

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