Dentist Evangelist

What do you do when you have a toothache? How convenient it is to have a dentist handy! What do you think the villagers in the Kaffrine region do when they have a toothache? Most opt to tough it out. When it gets absolutely too painful to stand, most choose to go to the witchdoctor seeking relief. He may heat a knife blade on hot coals and apply the side of the knife to the patient's wrist to cure their tooth pain! A few will decide to travel over the dirt roads into the town of Kaffrine if they have enough money to buy a ticket at the regional hospital. One dentist at this hospital serves the population of 544,000 people! After hours of waiting in line, the patient will usually receive a prescription for medicine and be told to return in a week. You can understand why people have been so grateful when we have had short-term dental teams come to work in villages!
The spiritual needs in the region of Kaffrine are just as great. Most people here have never read any of the Bible and don't know who Jesus is. Yet through the work of the handful of Christians who have been in this area over the last 30 years, these villages are wide open to us and our message.
As a dentist evangelist on our team, you would offer much needed basic dental care and have the privilege of sharing the Word of God in these villages. The dental work will provide an opportunity for ongoing relationships and a platform for holistic ministry as you also share the stories of the Bible with those who are interested. Will you join us?

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