Deputy Director and Team Leader for Benin-Togo Area

Are you an administrator who's ready for a new ministry challenge added to some typical leadership and office responsibilities? SIM Benin is looking for you!
You would head up a new, strategic, multi-mission outreach to the predominate people group in the north of Benin, the De*ndi. Some work is already being done, some missionaries (national and expatriate) are already in place or ready to go, some outreach materials are already being used, and some fruit has already been seen, but to really go forward, a leader is needed to mobilize, coordinate, and oversee the initiative.
At the same time, the SIM Benin-Togo area administration is in need of another person to come alongside their present Director to assist with various administrative responsibilities. Adding another person with the ability to welcome new missionaries and partnerships and with another set of skills to compliment the current Director and the team will help the Benin-Togo area function better and even move forward. Putting these two needs together into one position makes a full-time administrative ministry with challenge and variety. Does this sound like something you're up for?

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Business Ministries/Administration/Leadership

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