Discipleship and Training of Women

Imagine this. You have heard about Jesus. You want to know more about Him, but you cannot read. And the person who told you about Him has been gone 15 weeks and still hasn't returned to tell you more. So many questions, so much confusion. So long to wait!

But what if someone were there to teach you, to help you work through the many questions you have. What if someone were able to come so that in the future you would know enough to teach others, to encourage other women who are in the same situation as you? Your children would grow up with the truths that you had discovered. Your family would know assurance instead of fear, love instead of suspicion.

Such work does not require a degree in theology; it does require a clear understanding of God's Word, a love for people, especially women and children, and a desire to see them grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. It requires that you love enough to be prepared to learn from them, to commit to learning their language, their culture, and their perspective on life. Could you be the person to develop leadership among Sisaala women and build their capacity to reach out to others?

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