Drama or Theatre Coach

Have you ever participated in drama as a vehicle of outreach to other youth, young students, children, or even adults? We are offering you an opportunity to reach the youth of Ecuador through this medium. The theatre group is using drama presentations of the stories of the Bible to assist in Bible literacy in local churches and to draw attention in outreach events with good success thus far. We would like to further develop this ministry and disciple the participants so they can take the ministry even further.
In this role, you would help the youth (16-27 years of age) learn how to write scripts and plan dramas for outreach events and special local church events. The group has already prepared 27 Old Testament stories told in drama form, and we plan to continue with the New Testament. You would work closely with the long-term missionary directing this ministry discipling the youth, one of our most important goals. You would develop the cast's acting ability and instill an outreach attitude as you serve the local church and non-believers through this ministry.

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South America


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