English as a Second Language Teacher

How would you like to use your practical training in TESL in ministry? God has prepared a place where you can do this! As you know,
English dominates the global world as the international language. English teaching provides an excellent platform to share the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. Potosi, Bolivia, has no established English acquistion program, and people frequently inquire about the possibility of our ministry offering English classes. It would fill an educational void in the community. Children learn a new language quickly and are prone to love their teachers. They also bridge a relationship to their families.
Professionals are the most eager to acquire English as an upward movement strategy in their field. It opens further studies abroad as a viable possibility. Bolivian doctors read medical journals in English but with limited understanding. Every occupation has a vested interest in learning English. Bolivia is a collective culture, so teaching one person in class has the potential of creating a relationship with an extended family.

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