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Have you ever considered using your God-given gift of teaching in Namibia? Maybe not, but here is a great opportunity for you!

Community Hope School (CHS) is set in the Damara location of Katutura. Katutura is still in a poor all black community even 23 years after independence. The school meets at a local church building we lease. CHS has grade 1-7 and about 20 full and part-time staff and teachers.
Community Hope School is a ministry of Teachers for Africa, USA, and Youth With A Mission (YWAM), Windhoek, Namibia. CHS is a Christian school with a sound biblical foundation taught in every subject. It opened its doors in 2005 with a grade one class of 10 students. Presently there are grades 1-7 and 120 learners. We work in close conjunction with another YWAM ministry, Beautiful Kidz (BKDZ) Preschool and Community Center. At BKDZ, CHS students are able to do homework, computer classes, and attend youth, Bible, and sports activities.
CHS is a rewarding but challenging place to work. Our children love school and are anxious to learn but do not get a lot of support at home. Teachers are required to help make up for that deficiency by extending God's love and grace even to the most difficult students acting out at school. It takes a teacher who has a heart to learn and give to work at CHS; someone who can reach down deep and hold on to Jesus. Treating the children with respect and love is important and lays a solid foundation for learning that goes beyond the classroom.
Grades 1-3 are self-contained classrooms with a head teacher and an assistant teaching all the classes except foreign language. Grades 4-7 operate more like a high school with the subject teachers moving from class to class.
Daily Schedule:
The school day starts at 7 A.M. with staff prayer and announcements while the neediest children eat breakfast.
Classes begin at 7:30 A.M.
Lunch is served at 1 P.M. and then grades 4-7 have afternoon classes till 3:45 P.M.
Teachers who are not teaching after lunch are able to use this time to grade papers and prepare for the next day's classes or next week's classes. The Internet is available at CHS for teachers to prepare lessons and do research.
The school day ends at 3:45 P.M. after which teachers may go home.
We have weekly prayer and staff meetings on Wednesdays and regular times each term for increased prayer and training for teachers and assistants.
The school calendar is online.
Yearly Schedule:
CHS begins the middle of January and ends the last week of November each year. There is a four-week break in May and a two-week break in August. There are times throughout the year set aside for teacher training and conferences. Parent teacher days or nights are held each term to help inform families of their learners' progress and needs. A yearly sports day, talent show, and year-end gala are held each year to provide our students with necessary non-academic opportunities. Outreach and service opportunities are given through "Connect Groups" teaching our learners to care for the needy in their own community.
Financial Policy:
Because almost all of the money to operate CHS comes from private donors, the budget is still developing and teachers are paid less than comparable state schools. Each teacher is paid according to qualification, length of service at CHS, visa status, and need. Some staff are full time or part-time volunteers and receive no remuneration from CHS but raise support from family, friends, and churches.

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