ESL Teacher for High School Students

Senegalese high school students always want to practice English with us. Sometimes we are greeted on the street by young strangers who ask if we will teach them to speak English! As young people are more and more globally connected, the desire to learn English is growing stronger and stronger, even in this rural area of Senegal.
SIM has started very successful English teaching centers in both Dakar and Thies. The door is open to start something similar on a small scale in Kaffrine. We are asking God to provide a teacher to start an English class for Senegalese high school students. The class would meet once a week in a classroom of the local Christian school attached to the church.
While offering practical help that will empower these students for the future, the English lessons would also be the catalyst to forming relationships. As you spend time with the students in class and visit their homes, you will have opportunities to share the Gospel and invite them to a student Bible study at a local church.
This part-time ministry would be ideal for a couple where one spouse is involved in another (full-time) ministry.

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