French-Speaking Teacher of French and Introduction to Computers

Kaffrine is the region of Senegal with the worst rate of secondary school attendance. Only 6% of the population attends secondary school! And only 3% of the population ever attends university. Our SIM Kaffrine team has already made a difference through the scholarship project. We have seen young people baptised and growing spiritually, passing their exams, and going off to university. This encourages us, and we see a great opportunity to help more students.
Even in the relatively rural area of Kaffrine, young people are drawn to computers and to connect globally. Several cyber cafes are available here in town, but most people have not had even basic computer training. We believe that knowing word processing, how to send emails, and how to navigate the Internet are essential skills for every student. The local church has started a small Christian elementary school, and the school has a computer lab. But the teachers have very little knowledge of computers, either.
As a French-speaking teacher, you would teach basic computer skills to primary students in the school during the school day and teach older students in the afternoon. You could also teach cours de renforcement in French and other subjects for older students, particularly for the students in our scholarship project. This position could be part-time or full time, depending on your availability and desire.
While offering practical help, giving these students an advantage for the future, the lessons would be a way to form relationships. As you spend time with the students, we believe there will be opportunities to share the Gospel and to invite the students to attend a weekly student Bible study led by the local church.

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