Girls' Training Centre at Nikki

If you are a seamstress or know something about sewing or knitting, would you prayerfully consider filling this opportunity for ministry?
In Benin, the SIM-related churches have a large work among the Bariba people, including TALITA, the "Training Center for Girls in Nikki." This school started a number of years ago to provide spiritual training and a basic level of education for teenage Bariba village girls (ages 15-20) who have had very little or no formal schooling. The school has developed into a three-year program where these young women live at the center for the school year and are taught Bible lessons, reading in Bariba, math skills, and French. In more recent years, a workshop has been added where the young women are taught sewing, knitting, or weaving skills. In this role, not only would you assist and train the students, but you would also train the sewing teachers, including how to draw patterns.
The school aims to equip the young women, often coming from needy families, with specific professional skills that they can use to earn a living and prepare them spiritually so they will serve the Lord with their gifts and talents at home, in church, and society.

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