High School Art, Design, and Technology Teacher

Impact Bolivia and beyond through education! Around the world there is a high demand for international, English schools. What better way to "educate for eternity than by giving a high quality English education from a biblical perspective? Carachipampa Christian School is uniquely positioned to influence a segment of society that is often separated from Gospel witness.
Through your training and passion for education, you will open doors into the lives of missionary families, prominent Bolivian families and the international community. Opportunities for evangelism and discipleship abound as the teachers and staff live out their Christian testimony on a daily basis.
Please check out the "Educating for Eternity" video https://vimeo.com/182246773 or https://vimeo.com/182245698 for the extended version.
For more information on Carachipampa go to http://www.carachipampa.org/

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South America


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International Schools and MK Education

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