Leprosy--Community Health Outreach Worker

Do you have training in the health field? A physiotherapist or nurse would be ideal in this service opportunity. Community health work is critical to implementing good health strategies in homes. Because SIM works through relationships, having community health workers go to homes reinforces what was taught in clinic visits. This is an essential part of community evangelism, where the spiritual part of medicine can be seen - praying and interceding with families in their homes.
In this role, you will diagnosis and treat leprosy patients under the direction of the director while mentoring a South Sudanese community health worker in this work. You will help with prevention of disabilities activities, work with the community leprosy assistants in their communities when that program is developed, and encourage spiritual outreach among the leprosy patients and workers.

Continent & country

South Sudan


More than 2 years




Medical and Health Ministry

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