Med Student Elective at Mukinge

Have you ever considered taking a med school elective in a cross-cultural setting? Here is an opportunity at Mukinge Hospital in Zambia. Mukinge Hospital is a general hospital with 200 beds which includes a nurses' training school with 50 students in a 2-year program. It also has a primary health care program and an AIDS counseling and prevention ministry.
Medical students at Mukinge Hospital usually spend most of their time working on the inpatient services. They are given the opportunity to work with the surgical, paediatric, or adult medicine services. As appropriate, they are allowed to function as "acting interns." They are given opportunities to travel to outside clinics (AIDS or eye clinics) during the dry season.
They are supervised by doctors with appropriate qualifications for the country that the student is coming from.
The medical care at the hospital is provided by men and women who have been changed by the Lord Jesus. The medical student taking this elective participates in the provision of this health care and has the opportunity to interact daily with the staff and the nursing students, as well as the patients, encouraging them in their relationship with Jesus.

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