Media - Web Page Designer/IT Support

Are you experienced in web design? Did you know that this gift can be used in mission?
The media team in Ethiopia has been writing and recording radio programs for the Amharic speaking population. Now they wish to reach urban youth with these broadcasts by making them available on an Amharic web page.
Your primary job responsibility would be to design an attractive web page to support streaming and downloading Amharic language radio broadcasts, to create an archive access mechanism for older programs based on topic, to provide a mechanism for listeners to provide feedback and obtain spiritual counsel, to provide a means whereby listeners can enroll in an Amharic Bible correspondence curriculum and take an online exam following each unit, and promote Amharic language Christian literature. Concurrently, you would train a member of our Ethiopian media staff to maintain and update the web page as new programs are produced.
Would you pray about whether God is nudging you to this ministry?

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