Member Care--Counselor or Chaplain for Missionary and Beninese Hospital Staff

Have you ever had at least some level of experience in counseling or pastoral care? Have you ever been a chaplain in a multi-national setting, specifically African? Your expertise would be most welcome in our hospital where tensions run high.
Services at Bembereke Hospital include an outpatient department, operating block with a sterile supplies department, HIV and AIDS clinic, ophthalmic clinic, physiotherapy department, pharmacy, laboratory, X-ray department, teaching department, administrative block, and a maintenance workshop. The staff consists of more than 180 Beninese, 2 expatriate long-term SIM missionaries, and several Associates.
All of these are vital to the hospital's service of compassion through which many learn about the love of God. However, the staff faces a constantly high level of stress and pressure. As a counselor, pastor, or chaplain, you would provide encouragement to both Beninois and missionaries as you listen, give advice, lend support, and possibly even organize training sessions on interpersonal skills, how to handle stress, or money management, etc. As you respond to the spiritual, emotional, and relational needs (and maybe even those of spouses and children), you would be generating more effective work and ministry at the hospital.
Perhaps as a counselor and chaplain, you could also provide support and training for the evangelists employed by the hospital and for local pastors so that little by little they would learn to provide the counseling and pastor care needs within the hospital community.

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