Pedagogical Advisor, Maradi Cornerstone Academy

Do you feel drawn to working with children? Do you have a passion for teaching? You could be a part of helping to make a difference to the desperate education situation in Niger by coming alongside Nigerien Christian teachers in a fledgling private Christian school, Maradi Cornerstone Academy!
This school is located on a corner of SIM Maza Tsaye property shared by Maza Tsaye Conference, Retreat, and Training Centre (MTCC) which has as its mission "the renewing, equipping, and encouraging of the Niger Church through strengthening the Christian home, ministering to couples, young people, and children." Maradi Cornertone Academy is partnering with MTCC in believing God to equip both Christian children as future leaders of the Church and builders of the Nigerien society and M*m children whose families are desperate for a good basic education for their kids.

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