Pediatrician at Bembereke Hospital

If you could alleviate the suffering in the world for children and babies, would you do it? If you are a pediatrician, you have that opportunity right now. Bembereke Hospital is a well-established, well-recognized hospital in the rural north of Benin in West Africa. It was started over 50 years ago by SIM and is now run by SIM's partner church. This 240-bed hospital is staffed by a team of qualified Beninese doctors but is desperately in need of a pediatrician. Few pediatricians work in the country, and those few are not interested in working in the rural north.
Following God's leading to become a missionary pediatrician at HEB would mean that you would be used in meeting the severe medical needs of children and babies in an area where pediatric care is lacking. You would have opportunities to share your knowledge of pediatric care with Beninese physcians and nursing staff. But, beyond this, you would be part of a Christian hospital team, showing Christ's love, teaching them who Jesus really is, and showing compassion as you treat patients and interact with their families, many of whom are Mus*lim.

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