Primary and Secondary School Teachers

Within our Mongolia field, there are a variety of settings in which primary or secondary teachers could choose to serve, both secular and non-secular. Within the secular campus, our team has seen time and again how teaching opens opportunities for friendship evangelism and student discipleship on campus, directly impacting this generation of Mongolia's youth. We want to provide Christian teachers to fill the many positions available throughout Mongolia. These students face an uncertain future and ask questions about core values and beliefs. Our team in Mongolia is committed to sending Christian teachers who can teach with excellence and come alongside students to answer their questions and share their life and faith with them.
Within the non-secular school setting, we want to help supply Christian teachers who can be good role models for the students and encourage them as they learn to trust God with their daily lives and grow in their faith. Christian teachers have a huge impact in the lives of children; we would value more Christian teachers as part of our team reaching out to the youth of Mongolia. You'd also have opportunities to run clubs and organize outings and camps for children.
Secondary teachers would have the unique opportunity to be involved in counseling teens and advising faculty. Whether you enjoy a structured classroom and creating your own lesson plans or prefer a mix of student ages and teaching a variety of subjects while working with various materials, it is available for you.

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