Support and Administrative Staff for Bourofaye Christian School (BCS)

Missionary Kids' education is one of the greatest challenges in placing missionaries worldwide. Bourofaye Christian School is the only boarding school in Senegal which offers the possibility of boarding/educating elementary school children. In the past, this school has enabled several SIM families to work in rural areas reaching out to the Wolof people by educating and caring for their children. The school is run by WEC and is located in a rural area which is 30 km from Thiès and 200 km from Kaffrine. This school enables families who work in both of these areas to do their ministries; therefore, it is critical to our country strategy. BCS is currently looking for: Administrator (Administrative assistant to the Director, Principal and Finance manager), 2 sets of dorm parents, 3 male dorm helpers , Nurse/Person with medical background, Counsellor, Chaplain (Spiritual oversight).

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