Teacher, Teacher's Aide, or Staff for a Girls' School

Talita, a training center for girls in Nikki was started a number of years ago to provide spiritual training and a basic level of education for adolescent Bariba village girls (ages 15-20) who have had very little or no formal schooling. This school has a Beninois teacher for the academic subjects; this position for someone with teaching or training qualifications would involve assisting with the needs of the school according to your training, abilities, and taste. It could include such things as teaching Bible lessons, Christian education, arts and crafts, or life skills (health, hygiene, etc.); supervising the students when they are not in school (e.g. during homework times, meals, weekends, etc.); organizing social activities, such as games, sports, etc.; helping with course documentation; assisting with the ongoing improvement of the academic curriculum; or counseling and mentoring.
Talita has become a three-year program where these girls can also learn a skill like sewing, knitting, or weaving. In 2012 another three-year program called a passerelle was added which provides the full Beninois primary education at an accelerated rate to older adolescent girls (ages 10-15) who have not gone to school for various reasons. They get another chance to attend school, important because now French is needed to learn a trade or skill. Once they finish this program, the girls can either go on to high school or learn a trade at the centre or elsewhere. The desire of the center is to give quality training to these girls, equipping them for their lives as women committed to serving the Lord in the professional world and equipping them spiritually.
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