Mission teams


Why not organise a team from your church or Christian Union and step out of your comfort zone to help spread the good news of Jesus Christ? 

We can help you find the right place to go, where you will be well-supported by experienced mission workers. You'll have the chance to work alongside your fellow team members and show God's lvoe to people who have never heard the gospel.

Will it just be a holiday?

Joining a team is not a tourist trip. It is a demanding – and rewarding – experience! Late nights, early mornings, dirt roads, local food and basic accommodation are common and there's no guarantee of running water or electricity.

You'll learn to:

  • rely more on God
  • pray powerfully
  • work as part of a team
  • appreciate a different culture

Being part of an SIM team for two to four weeks in Asia, Africa or South America is certainly eye-opening and often heart-changing. We offer an orientation programme for your team and reflection on your experience afterwards during a debrief at our Suffolk headquarters. 

Please click here to contact us and see how we can help your team.