What we do

Serving In Mission is a community of God's people committed to Biblical truth and passionate about sharing the gospel worldwide. 

”The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing,” said Dr. Jim Plueddemann, SIM’s International Director from 1993 to 2003. "And the main thing is found in Psalm 67:3: 'May the peoples praise you, O God. May all the peoples praise you.'"

Speaking in June, 2013 at the commissioning service of Dr Joshua Bogunjoko, SIM’s new International Director, Jim said that when we keep the vision of the peoples praising God as our ‘main thing’, we are free to innovate in any way, from generation to generation, to accomplish God's mission.

It is this vision which motivates Serving in Mission personnel around the world.

For some, a heart for evangelism leads them to church planting ministries among unreached people groups. Some have a passion to provide theological education for pastors, lay leaders and local believers.

Others share their faith through a diverse range of activities such as youth work, education, or teaching English. Growing numbers of people are building relationships and sharing their faith through the universal language of sport. For those with medical training, they use their professional skills to demonstrate the love and compassion of Christ in a practical way.

Whatever your gifts and experience, God can use you to play a part in reaching others with the hope and truth of the gospel.

Just answer our Are you ready to serve? questionnaire to see if working overseas with Serving In Mission might be the right next step for you.