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Verenda Musical Arts- Associate Director

Our Musical Arts Center is a school offering cross cultural musical studies to people of this country who are interested in performance and the study of Western classical music and for music students from western nations interested in the music of India and Bengal.
The goal of the school is to 'meet through music,' that the institution would provide a location in which people of these diverse cultures could grow in mutual understanding through the medium of music.

NGO Visa Holder

Do you feel called to serve among one of the least unreached people groups? Do you have a heart for the 10/40 window but you don't know how go get there? SIM offers Visa positions in meaningful development programs all over to country so that you have the freedom to serve people and build meaningful relationships with a spiritual focus.
Please contact us and we will search for a visa position that fits your giftings and background.

ESL- Teaching English options

Have you ever thought about teaching English in a foreign country? Do you enjoy talking to people and establishing meaningful relationships? Then you should consider coming to serve University students in teaching English, thereby meeting a key need for the development of the next generation. Our classes are designed to increase the student's proficiency in spoken English. You will have sufficient time for involvement in relationships and Word ministry in this spiritually needy country.

Community Development Worker/Teacher for Transformation Education Center

Do you enjoy teaching? Are you interested in living among one of the largest unreached people groups?
Then we invite you to join one of our Transformation Education Centers and serve among people in the 10/40 window. We support the high value education has in this country by offering a wide range of educational services, up to now mostly through Teaching English. Depending on your giftings, the work field can also be broadened easily. The teacher-student relationship is very powerful in this culture, so you can build meaningful relationships with the local people.

HIV/AIDS Education & Volunteer

HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death in Equatorial Guinea. With free HIV testing and free medication, it still continues to be a major public health issue. The lack of education on the subject, and the stigma associated with the disease continues to be the major contributing factor to the continued spread of the disease. With the desire to inform people prior to high risk behavior, and give them a spiritual understanding of their behavior, the desire is to see a reduction in the amount of people contracting the disease, and suffering the consequences of the disease.

Theological Education by Extension Program Director for Instituto Biblico "Casa de la Palabra"

Do you have a heart for taking theological education "on the road" in the only Spanish-speaking country of Africa -- Equatorial Guinea? If so, we need you to train and equip pastors and leaders in rural villages with no access to theological education to deepen them biblically, theologically, and ministerially. An exciting ministry of equipping the saints and investing in emerging leaders all over the country of Equatorial Guinea!

Theological Teacher for Instituto Biblico "Casa de la Palabra"

IBCP Seminary (Instituto Bíblico ¨Casa de la Palabra¨) is looking for theological educators with a passion for the discipleship and equipping of future pastors and leaders for the only Spanish-speaking country of Africa -- Equatorial Guinea. A missionary would come alongside an emerging institution and be involved in teaching as a professor (Bible, Theology, Mission, Church History, etc.), be involved in the discipleship of students, preaching in chapels, and organizing spiritual life retreats for student body.


The goal of this school is to continue to provide quality Christian education to the children of expatriate workers. A new principal is needed for the 2017-2018 school year. The school provides affordable education primarily for children of expatriate development workers and other expatriate families, through a rich and challenging internationally recognized curriculum.


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